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25. Transient MHD Couette flow of a Partially ionized Liquid Metal in a Rectangular Channel by Musa Alex and Chukwuocha E.O. - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 181 – 188
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A study is carried out on the influence of time development on a partially ionized liquid metal in the presence of an applied uniform  magnetic field. The rectangular channel isassumed to have a conducting, moving top  plate and a stationary conducting bottom and side walls. Numerical solution by an implicit finite-difference method of the Crank Nicolson type is employed. Results presented illustrate the influence oftime variation and magnetic parameter for the two components of the fluid designated as ionized (i) and neutral (n)whenthe induced magnetic field is negligible. The graphs presented for the velocitiesclearly show the effect of the parameters under consideration. Key words: MHD; Liquid metal; Ionized; Neutral; Transient.