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44. Microwave Line-of-Sight (LOS) Radio Link Design and Simulation Using HERALD Software with Single Repeater within 2GHz-30GHz RF Band by G. S. M Galadanci and A. A. Bisu - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 313 – 332
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This paper discusses the design and simulation of microwave line-of-sight (LOS) radio link using an effective radio frequency (RF) engineering simulation tool;Help for Radio Link Design (HERALD) software.Site locations were chosen to be approximately 60km apart operating at 2-30GHz frequency band. The two end sites are located at Old Campus Bayero University and Gwarzo Town, Kano-Nigeria onN 28.773’(long) and N 11055.369’ E 007056.016’ respectively. The results obtained; showed that; for an effective, reliable and high performance LOS Link, at least one passive repeater should be install at about one-half the path length ) and frequencies of about 10GHz and above suffered more from rain fading while frequencies below 10GHz suffered more from multipath fading.  

Keyword: Microwave, Radio Frequency, HERALD, Line-of-Sight, Electromagnetic wave, Radio Link, Spectrum, Signal, Fading, Outage, Unavailability.