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22. A Class of Continuous Implicit Six-Step Backward Differentiation Formulae for the Solution of Initials... by Adoghe Lawrence Osa and UkpeborLukeAzeta - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 159 – 166
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In this paper, some implicit six-step Backward Differentiation Formulae(BDF) were derived using continuous multistep collocationapproach. The methods were derived using power series as basis function in themultistep collocation techniques. Some continuous schemes were produced which were then combined to form accurate and efficient block method for the sequential or parallel solution of the initial value problems in ordinary differential equation. This approach removes the requirement for a starting value and enhances computational speed. All the discrete schemes were derived from a simple continuous formulation and its derivatives. Keywords:Backward Differentiation Formulae(BDF), Continuous collocation,Block Method, Power series.