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48. Hermite Series Expansion for Solving Perturbed Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Problems - J.F Omonile1, D.J Koffa2, S.X.K Howusu1 - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 339 – 342
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It is obvious that all harmonic oscillators in the  universe are affected by perturbation such as friction or defects in the elastic potential. In this paper, we 

determine the eigenenergies of the perturbed quantum harmonic oscillator by method of Hermite series expansion. The first notable result of the work in this paper is the discovery of the indefinitely fine revisions of thewell known sequence of Schrödinger’s quantum mechanical eigenenergies due to a quartic 

perturbation potential.. 

Keywords:Hermite series expansion, eigenenergies, perturbation, oscillators