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46. The Dependenceon Energy of Scattering Cross-Section By Spherical Square Well Potential Using Born’s Approximation by Ngadda, Y. H. and Omoye, O. P - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp327 – 332
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Using Born’s approximation techniques, to investigate the dependence on energy of scattering cross-section by spherical square well potential, an analytical expression for the differential scattering cross section has been calculated and energy limits were obtained.The dependence on energy of scattering cross-section in the low and high energy limits were examined by computing numerical values of the scattering function. Graphical plots were also obtained to check the pictorial representation of scattering cross-section.The study has shown that Born’s approximation is only applicable in the highenergy limit where the potential is weak. It indicates that the potential is strong enough to bind a particle, thus Born approximation cannot be appliedin the low energy limit and in the scattering at low energies.