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44. Effects of the Composition of Reaction Bath on Growth, Optical & Electrical Properties of PbS Thin Films by Oluyamo, S. S., Abdulsalam O. A. and Ojo, A. S. - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 309 – 316
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The role of deposition conditions and parameters had been subject of concern in thin film fabrication as they constituteessential factors for optimum 

utilization and applications of the thin films materials. Lead Sulphide thin films have been deposited onto glass substrates from Leadtrioxonitrate (V) [Pb(NO3)2], 1M solution of Thiourea [SC(NH

2)2], 1M solution of sodium hydroxide [NaOH]  as the basic medium and 1M solution of triethanolamine (TEA) as the complexing agent in an aqueous solution by chemicalbath deposition technique. 

In this work, the volume compositions of the precursors were varied. The  deposited samples were characterized using a Jenway6405 spectrophotometer, 

and the effects of the reaction conditions on the properties of the Lead Sulphide [PbS] thin films deposited were observed. The optical and electrical properties of the thin films were found to be thickness dependent. The presence of direct 

transition with band gap energy ranging between 3.30 eV-3.80 eV was also observed. This range of value indicates the applications of the films as 

antireflective materials and their use in the fabrication of solar cells. The study  however, revealed that the composition of the reaction bath has effect on the properties of the deposited films. 

Keywords: Lead Sulphide, Chemical bath deposition, Optical and Electrical properties