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42. Radio Dating of Water Sample Collected From Katsina State Using Nuclearhydrological Isotopes Techniques by Muhammad S.B. and Nasiru R.- Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 295 – 300
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Water molecules were often found to be radioactive  within the period of thermonuclear test (i .e. 1950s to 1970s) this increased tritium concentration in 

the atmosphere.Thus tritium concentration in groundwater reflect atmospheric tritium levels when the water was last in contact with the atmosphere, therefore, any measurable tritium concentrations in groundwater system provides clear evidence of recharge occurring into the system during the last four 

decades.Since 1970s, the atmospheric tritium concentration has decreased. Thus, the presence of excess tritium in groundwater indicates recharge on a time scale of approximately 60 years. Ten (10) samples were collected at variable location along with geographical coordinate of the sampling points in Funtua metropolis. 

The samples were collected from surface and groundwater which undergo three stages of tritium analysis viz: Screening, Tritium  enrichment (Electrolysis) and Scintillation counting. The results showed that recharge to groundwater of Funtua metropolis is a mix of modern and sub-modernwater which is younger than (55) fifty five years by the mid-2000s. 

Keywords:Tritium, Isotopes, Tritium unit (TU), thermonuclearexplosion, Atmosphere, Radioactive elements