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12. On Application of Matlabto the Dynamic Buckling ofa Damped Column on Nonlinear Foundations by Egbuhuzor UdechukwuP. and Mezie Enyinnaya - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp73 – 80
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This work “Dynamic buckling of a damped column on nonlinear foundations” is aimed at determining the effect which damping has on the load carrying capacity of an imperfect finite column. The investigation makes use of an already existing equation governing the lateral displacement of a damped finite column, which we solve using regular perturbation method. In seeking the solution of the governing equation, we first non-dimensionalize the governing equation by introducing some non-dimensional quantities. We next introduce a slow time scale as a result of the above non-dimensionalization, and neglect nonlinearities higher than cubic. We determine the dynamic buckling load and compute its actual value using Matlab computation platform. The results obtained were then used in analyzing the effect ofdamping on the buckling load.