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39. Effect of Heat Source and Thermal-Diffusion on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Micropolar Fluid over a Vertical Permeable Plate by B. I Olajuwon1,J.I. Oahimire - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 261 – 274
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This study presents a mathematical analysis of heatand mass transfer effects on unsteady flow of a micropolar fluid overan infinite moving permeable plate in a saturated porous medium in the presence  of a transverse magnetic field.The governing system of partial differential  equations is transformed to 

dimensionless equations using dimensionless variables. The resulting dimensionless equations are then solved analytically using perturbation technique to obtain the expression for velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration. With the help of graphs, the effectsof the various important 

parameters entering into the problem on the velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration fields within the boundary layer are discussed. Also the effects of the pertinent parameters on the skin friction coefficient, couple stress coefficientand the rate of heat and mass transfer in terms of the Nusselt number and Sherwood numbers are discussed.The results shows that the observed parameters have significance influence on the flow,heat and mass transfer.