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37. Error Calculations Between Experimental Corrosion Penetration Rate by N. M. Nafo, A. Weli, N.D. Nwiabu, E.O. Bennett, E.N. Ekaka-a - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 253 – 256
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Most data obtained from experimental studies and modelled studies of growth data are not totally free of error. The impact of this type of error has the 

capability to bias the mathematical model that can be constructed from these data sets. This is a challenging scientific problem. We have proposed the method of p-norms and used this method to calculate and quantify the precise values of the error between the experimental corrosion penetration rate and modelled corrosion penetration rate data in the HCI concentration environment which have been previously tested to be highly statistically correlated. On the basis of this powerful numerical method, the K

1 data sets have been selected to be the best-fit time series data upon which we can construct a mathematical model in order to minimize selection bias and enhance model  application. Our present contribution is a further extension of some previous statistical analyses of Sn-Al  Duplex systems.