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36. Numerical simulation study of the viral load of the virions of HIV infection... by A. Weli1, B.C. Didia1, E.O. Bennett, E.N. Ekaka-a, N.D. Nwiabuv - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 249 – 252
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One of the stresses suffered by people living with  HIV/AIDS is capable to introduce some degrees of random noise into the system of modelling the viral 

load of the virions of HIV infection of CD4+ T-cells. The quantification of this complex medical science problem requires a mathematical reasoning of a 

combination of deterministic and stochastic analyses in order to provide a useful insight with a strong component of capacity building initiative and HIV/AIDS 

intervention strategy. The predicted viral loads ofthe virions of HIV infection of CD4+ T-cells were differentiated for two values of the maximum proliferation rate of target cells when the random-noise intensities were selected to be 0.8 and 8 

respectively. These results which we have not seen elsewhere are presented in this study and discussed.