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30. Mathematical Modeling of Effluent Distribution in Ikpoba River,Benin City,Nigeria by Ogbeide,O.O - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 201 – 208
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A mathematical model for Ikpoba River Pollution wasdeveloped in this paper using ordinary differential equations and the solution by laplace transform 

method.The model was used to determine the level of pollution concentration along the downstream of the river.The concentration distribution decrease with distance and varies with time. The results of the first and second order ordinary differential 

equations using laplace transform modelling of Ikpoba river effluent discharge showed a range of value close to 429mg/L with a 10mdistance apart. The model also 

take into consideration the water quality parameters such as Biochemical oxygen demand BOD, Chemical oxygen demand COD, Dissolve oxygen DO, and pH.This decrease in biochemical oxygen demand BOD effluent concentration decreases the dissolve oxygen DO Concentration which is safe for  Aquatic life (Fish and Aquatic animal). 

Keywords:Effluent, Water Quality, Water Pollution, Model, Ikpoba River