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29. A Simplified Numerical Sotn Method for Taitel & Dukler’s Model of Stratified Gas-Liquid Flow. by Agbonghae, E.O, Amenaghawon, N.A and Ogbeide, S.E - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 195 – 200
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Stratified gas-liquid flow is a flow regime commonly encountered in horizontal and slightly inclined pipelines. It is generally considered to be a prerequisite for severe slugging in pipeline-riser systems. The motivation for the work discussed in 

this paper stem from the widespread presentation ofmultiphase flow regime maps in terms of superficial velocities. In this study, a simplified numerical solution method for the Taitel and Dukler’s model is presented for  the special case of low flow rates 

characteristic of severe slugging regime. The solution method was implemented using MATLAB® and comparison of the results with those of Taiteland Dukler and other 

investigators were satisfactory. 

Keywords:Gas-liquid flow, Stratified flow, Flow regime map,Superficial velocities, Taitel and Dukler model