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26. Effects of Tortuosity on the Migration of Bacteria in Saturated Porous Media by 1J. A. Adegoke and 2T.A. Lateef - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 177 – 182
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There are few research works that experimentally determines the tortuosity of the porous media and investigate its impact on the transport of bacteria as this is microscopic parameter that influences the hydrodynamics characteristics of porous media. This study examined the effect of tortuosity on the migration of Escherichia coli (a rod, negative strained bacteriaused as indicator for fecal 

contamination of groundwater) in saturated porous media.Electrical and downward flow methods were used for tortuosity determination and filtration 

respectively. The findings show that as tortuosity  increases, fraction of bacteria retained increases with increasing depth and decreasing porosity. It was also concluded that tortuosity is a function of depth and porosity and that any increment in the tortousity of the sample aids filtration and adsorption which 

considerably decreases the rate of migration of bacteria. These findings would add to the existing literature on the influence of physical parameters on the migration and retention of bacteria in sand media which has its application in various areas of environmental science and engineering.


Keywords:Bacteria, Tortuosity, Migration, Saturated, Porous media