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8. Numerical Study of Slider Bearingsin Lubrication Theory by A. Weli, L.O. Atanakak, E.N. Ekaka-a, N.M. Nafo - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp 53 – 56
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The significance of mathematical modelling of the slider bearings phenomenon cannot be over emphasized. The differential equation of the slider bearings does not have a closed-form solution. To successfully analyse this proposed problem, we propose a technique of a numerical sensitivity analysis by carefully designing three sub-programs of Matlab implementation. In this sophisticated analysis, we have found the model parameter h and μ to be equally sensitive. However, the model parameter h has higher sensitivity values than the model parameter μ. In this context,appropriate suggestions leading to the selection of
the best fit parameter which in this case is μ have been made. The results which we have
obtained in this study have not been seen elsewhere; they are presented here and discussed.

slider bearings, lubrication theory, simulation, p-norms, sensitivity