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23. A Parallel 5-Stage Runge-Kutta-Nystrom Methods for Solving Special Second Order Initial Value Problems by Imoni, S.O., Ikhile, M.N.O.- Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 141 – 150
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This paper investigates the construction of diagonally implicit Runge-Kutta-Nystrom (RKN) methods for the special second-order  ordinary differential 

equations (ODEs) possessing oscillatory solutions for use on parallel computers. The parameters in the matrix coefficients are obtained as to ensure that the 

resultant scheme has an appropriate region of stability, thus suitable for oscillatory problems. Numerical comparison with existing method of solving this type of ODEs shows its advantage. 

Keywords:Numerical analysis, parallel methods, second order IVPs, RKN methods AMS classification: 65L05, 65L20