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5. Unidirectional Synchronization of Two Identical Jerk Oscillators with Memristor by Adelakun Adedayo Oke, Adeiza Oluwatoyin Folawunmi and Oketayo Oyebamiji Oyedele - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp35 –
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In this paper, simple chaotic 3-D Jerk oscillator with complex dynamics has been investigatedvia numerical and experimental means. The electronic circuit of
thememristivenonlinear cubic function was realized using analog components. We have also demonstrated through implementations and simulations that chaos can be synchronized withnonlinear component "Memristor" .

Moreover, the unidirectional coupling of the two identical systems with both computer and experimental simulations was achieved, and finally applied to secure communication.

Complex chaotic dynamics; analogue circuit; memristor; synchronized; bidirectional coupling; secure communication.