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4. Synchronization of New Jerk Oscillator and It'sApplication to Secure Communication by Adedayo O. Adelakun, Abiodun I. Egunjobi and Oketayo OyebamijiOyedele - Volume28, No. 2, (November, 2014), pp27 – 34
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In this work, we introduced the second damping parameter and its effect on the
new chaotic third-order Jerk Oscillator. The complex dynamical behaviour via numerical simulation when varying its parameters were observed. Moreover, verification of route to chaos of the new attractors were compared with attractors observed from a novel analogue circuit reported by Sprott. Finally, the chaotic state of the phase space is also synchronized via unidirectional coupling and applied to secure communication.

Analogue circuit,complex chaotic dynamics, synchronized, secure communication, third-order JerkOscillator,unidirectional coupling.