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14. Application of Scale Resolution Models for Iris Pattern Segmentations Based On Edge Detections by Lanlege, D.I 1, Adeboye, K.R2, Yahaya Y.A3 and Isah.A.4 - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 75 – 82
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This paper considers scale resolution models for iris pattern segmentations based on edge detections. Edges in images can be mathematically defined as local singularities. Until recently, the Fourier transform was the main mathematical tool for analysing singularities. However, the Fourier transform is global and as such not well adapted to local singularities and it is hard to find the location and spatial distribution of singularities with Fourier transforms. It shows how vibration could be further minimized in the improved Mixed Radix Algorithm, by deriving a numerical algorithm for noise minimization in signal processing systems for faster pattern recognition. It is also proved analytically that this derived algorithm for noise minimization converges.

Keywords:Scale Resolution Model, Pattern Segmentation, EdgeDetection, Singularities and Fourier Transform.