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10. A Modified Armijo – Type Strategy for Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations by H. A. Aisha and M. Y. Waziri - Volume28, No. 1, (November, 2014), pp 55 – 58
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The prominent method for eliminating the well knownshortcomings of Newton’s method for solving systems of nonlinear equations is Chord Newton’s 

method. Nevertheless, the method mostly requires high number of iterations and the convergence will even be lost especially as the dimension of the system increases. This paper, proposed a new line search strategy, byusing the steps of backtracking 

in the Armijo – type. The anticipation has been to  improve the overall performance of Chord Newton’s. Our scheme was implemented on some benchmark nonlinear 

systems which show that, the proposed approach is very encouraging compared to some other Newton’s – like methods. 

Keywords: Newton’s method, systems, multi-points, Fixed Newton’s, Chord Newton’s