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Dynamic Calculation Design of Vertical Wind Turbine by Emmanuel I. Okhueleigbe, Andrew O. Okhueleigbe and B.O Akinloye, pp 357 – 360
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The Nigeria power system is facing shortage of power due to poor generation. The country is now trying to shift to the utilization of renewable energy in the production of electrical power so as to have a mix energy generation system. One of the renewable energies is the kinetic energy of wind. For this energy to be properly utilized there is need for flexibility in the design of the turbine that will be used to convert the kinetic energy of the wind to electrical energy. Although, this work did not give enough wattage needed, it is still important to talk about the importance of the dynamic calculation of the wind turbine. However, for this flexibility to be achieved there is need for proper understanding of the dynamics of the turbine. This paper presents, from practical point of view, the dynamic calculation for a vertical wind turbine which is basically an implementation of the idea in [4].The site for this work is Benin City, Edo state Nigeria.