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Comparative Analysis of the Use of Banana Peels and NaOH in Ph Control In Nigerian Clays by P.N. Onwuachi-Iheagwara, pp 197 – 202
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This paper documents an investigation into the control of pH in drilling mud. The experiments were designed using local and imported additives, namely banana peels and NaOH, KOH. The clays used in the experiment were sourced locally from two Nigerian towns.
Ash produced from burnt banana peels were used as a substitutive for the industrial sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and potassium hydroxide, (KOH). The negative adverse effects of mud cuttings with inorganic additives on the environment have been demonstrated.
The ash were observed to be environmentally more friendly and readily degradable. It also showed an appreciable improvement of the pH of the drilling fluid from 5.0 -7.9 to 11.3.