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Unsteady Radiative Hydromagnetic Internal Heat Generating Fluid Flow Through a Porous Channel of a Two-Step Exothermic Chemical Reaction by 1Kareem R. A. and 2Gbadeyan J. A., pp 111 – 124
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In this study, the problem of an unsteady reactive viscous combustible fluid flowing through a porous channel with radiation under different chemical kinetics namely: Sensitized, Arrhenius and Bimolecular of a two-step exothermic chemical reaction is investigated. The fluid is acted upon by the pressure gradient along the axis of the channel in the presence of uniform magnetic field with isothermal wall temperature. Solutions of the nonlinear dimensionless equations governing the fluid flow were obtained using a combined Laplace Differential Transform Method (LDTM). The influence of the various fluid parameters associated to the problem on velocity and temperature are discussed and presented through graphs.