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50. A Study of Harmonics Removal in Power Generators System By Filter by Eyenubo O. Jonathan, E.U. Ubeku and Offor Kennedy.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp387 – 392
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The active power filter has been proved to be an effective method to mitigate harmonic currents generated by nonlinear loads as well as to compensate reactive power. The methods of harmonic current detection play a crucial part in the performance of active power filter (APF). This paper presents a new control strategy in which an active power filter configuration is developed in order to define new simple method which requires minimum number of current measurements; and the reduction of the 3rd to 13th harmonics in power generating systems. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategies is demonstrated through results; the proposed system is implemented with MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords:Harmonics, Total harmonic distortion, (Vthd), Matlab/Simulink, Filter