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49. Development of a Remote Transformer Switching System for Smart Distribution Networks by Egwaile J.O and Osayamen F.O.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 381 – 386
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In this work, analysis and development of a GSM based transformer switching system for deployment in a smart distribution network was carried out. This system was implemented by the use of discrete electrical components with the PIC16F876A microcontroller programmed in mikro basic language serving as the main control unit. In the design, each transformer in the network is assigned a unique phone number. Thus when this number is dialled, the ring tone from the GSM phone attached to the transformer is converted into an electrical signal, this signal is harnessed, and it is used to control the stepper motors connected between the 11kV supply to the transformer and the J&P fuses. The steppers motors are connected across each phase in such a way that their movement either disconnects or connects the transformer to the 11kV supply. Thus each transformer in the network can be remotely switched by simply dialling a unique GSM number assigned to it. A prototype of the system designed in this work was constructed and it worked satisfactorily on test.

Keywords:Stepper Motor, Distribution Network, Microcontroller, GSM