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48. Estimation of Diffraction Loss over Obstacles and Irregular Terrain on Microwave Link Station Using a Single Knife Edge Mechanism by O.A, Ojo,O.O, Obiyemi, and 3P.A, Oluwafisoye.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 377 – 380
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Diffraction is produced by the surface of the ground or other obstacles. This work seeks to investigate the loss due to diffraction of radio frequency signals in the tropics, by employing single knife edge line mechanism as an obstacle on the Line of Sight (LOS) transmission link.
The numerical calculation for the diffraction loss J (υ) in decibel (dB) was done using the International Telecommunication Union Radio (ITUR) methods, at various heights in meters (m) of the obstacles on the Line of Sight (LOS) path.

Keywords:Diffraction, knife edge,Line of Sight