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46. Generalized Dynamical Equations of Motion for Particles of Non- Zero Masses for Static Homogeneous Spherical Gravitational Fields by L.W.Lumbi and S.X.K Howusu.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 365 – 368
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In this paper the generalized dynamical gravitational scalar potential exterior to the body is applied to the well-known Newton’s dynamical gravitational equations of motion to obtain generalizations of Newton’s dynamical equations of motion. The generalized dynamical gravitational equations of motion are applied to the motion of the planets in the equatorial plane to obtain a generalized dynamical planetary equation of motion. The results are that the generalized Newtonian dynamical equations of motion and the dynamical planetary equation of motion are augmented by correction terms of all orders of c^(-2)which are not found in Newton’s dynamical equations of motion or Einstein’s geometrical equations of motion.

Keywords:Static Homogeneous Spherical Bodies, Generalized Gravitational Scalar Potential, Generalized     Dynamical equations of Motion, Equatorial plane Planetary Equation of Motion