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42. Fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Using ITO / TiO2 / ZNO / Natural Dye Sensitized by Ezeh, M.I., Eyekpegha, O.F and Mayiko, O.L.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 341 – 346
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Dye sensitized solar cell have become a module of choice when arranged in series. Furthermore, the module can harness the sun’s energy for man’s use. The components that make up the cell were characterized which served as a good absorbance and the sensitized dye was able to absorb UV-ray.The solar cell produced had an open voltage of 0.334 V, at a fill factor of -44.4027, which further gave a short circuit current density of -0.000236. The efficiency was calculated to be 0.0035 ≈ 0.35 %..

Keywords:Dye sensitized solar cell; ITO glass; spray pyrolysis; absorbance; efficiency