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41. Determination of Depth to the Top of Magnetic Sources beneath Zaria Area, North Western Part of Nigeria by Usman, N. and Lawal,K.M.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp335 – 340
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In this research, the aeromagnetic data of Zaria area is used, to determine depth to the top of magnetic sources, along the three selected profiles    (AA’, BB’ and CC’) in order to produce depth map of the study area. The data was obtained by digitizing the aeromagnetic contour map (sheet 102); within the area of approximately 3025km2 in the north western part of Nigeria. The magnetic source values obtained from the data of Zaria area using Werner deconvolution method vary from 0.01 to 1.41km for the sources on the surface of the earth and 0.01 to 3.17km below the earth surface while the magnetic field intensity along the three profiles analyzed varies from -150 to 70nT. It is observed that the anomalies in the residual aeromagnetic map are caused by the intruded and shallow rocks, while some are due to the presence of faults and fractures as in the north eastern part of the study area. The result indicated that magnetic properties and broadness nature of a given magnetic profile determine the number of the sources to be obtained. The filtered result of the quantitative interpretation was used to prepare the depth map which indicated that the depth points of the causative bodies are mostly shallower with the highest value of about 2.5 km and this is one of the factors that hinder the prospect of petroleum exploration in the area.

Keywords: Aeromagnetic data, residual anomaly, depth to the top, depth map and Zaria