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40. Empirical Models for the Correlation of Global Solar Radiation from Air Temperature Data in Maiduguri, Nigeria by Hauwa M. Mari and Usman M. Gana.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 329 – 334
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The work focussed on the evaluation of the global solar radiation using ratio of minimum to maximum temperature, alongside the measured global solar radiation, and sunshine duration data (2001-2012) for Maiduguri. Five empirical model methods, the linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential and logarithm regression models were tested by comparing their estimated global solar radiation with measured global solar radiation data obtained Maiduguri meteorological agency (NIMET)  station  with the aim of determining which model estimate correlates more with measured values. The analysis showed a good agreement between the measured data and the computed results. The cubic model performance was good with 93.74% of clearness index, followed by quadratic model which has 90.96% and linear model which showed 87.30% of clearness index, the least was the exponential model which has 84.86%..