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35. Measurement of Background Ionizing Radiation Along the Kubanni River Basin In Zaria, Nigeria by Hankouraou Seydou.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 291 – 294
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Certain types of rivers are surrounded by radioactive materials. This is the case with the Kubanni River with the Research Reactor located very close to it. Exposure to background ionizing radiation like exposure to any other type of ionizing radiation results in critical health challenges. Measurement of the background ionizing radiation profile along the Kubanni River was carried out. The radiation levels were measured using gamma scout (model GS2 with serial number A20). The radiation levels were: Fadama Area 0.221±0.032,Maje Road0.859±0.216,TudunWada Bridge0.537±0.421,Kano/Kaduna Bridge0.806±0.161,University Dam0.824±0.025 and Kampagi Hill0.645±0.142 mSv/year.Health implications of the results obtained are discussed.

    Keywords: Gamma-scout, Radiation profile, ionizing radiation, Radiation dose, Kubanni River, Kaduna, Nigeria