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34. Computation of the Liquid Scintillation Counting Efficiency for K-L Electron Capture Radionuclide Using by Viaskl HabibaGarba Ahmad and F.S. Koki.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp269 – 290
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This paper uses the program VIASKL to compute the liquid scintillation counting efficiency for 55Fe (K-L shell). The counting efficiency was calculated as a function of the figure of merit using a model based on an in-depth analysis of the detection processes involved. The contribution of X-rays and Auger transitions to the 21 atomic rearrangement pathway is taken into account and the efficiency for each figure of merit as a weighted sum over the 21 terms is obtained using different types of scintillators and vial sizes. For each nuclide the capture probability, fluorescence yield, Auger transitions (for KLL, KLM, KMM and LMM), X-ray transition (KL, KM, and LM) were computed. Energies and intensities for each of the transitions were also computed. The energy of the auger transition was computed to be approximately equal to 220.3797KeV and the auger intensity was computed to be approximately equal to77.6042 counts per minute while the X-ray transition energy was approximately computed to be 3711.477KeV and the X-ray transition intensity was computed as 265.5065counts per minute. The average liquid scintillation counting efficiency of 55Fe was calculated to be 46.67% and the figure of merit computed to be 1.5064.This result was compared with reported computed liquid scintillation counting efficiency of 47.5354% with a figure of merit equal to 1.4679.