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31. Quantum Teleportation: an Alternative Means To Transportation by Olayinka T.C. and Olayinka A.S.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp251 – 256
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Transportation systems available at present have been discovered to have their limitations as to the time and space required to transport items from one location to another. Teleportation technology is a fast growing area of research which has the potential to influence the present means of transportation or change it. Recent research development shows the possibility of quantum teleportation, whereby an original object to be teleported disintegrates at a particular location and an exact replica is reconstructed at a remote location instantaneously.  The concept of Quantum Teleportation which is based on Quantum Entanglement using Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect is reviewed here. Also, discussed is the importance of quantum computing to quantum teleportation. The future possibility of human teleportation is also examined based on the achievements so far in quantum teleportation.

Keywords: Transportation, teleportation, quantum, entanglement, computing, EPR.