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30. Surface Energy and Surface Relaxation of the (0001) Surface of HCP metals Using the Analytical Equivalent Crystal Theory by E. Aghemenloh , I. S. Okunzuwa, S.Yusuf.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp241 – 250
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The analytical equivalent crystal theory of Zypman and Ferrante which is a modification of the ECT have been used to establish a data base of surface energy for the (0001) surface of 10 hcp metals such as Be, Mg, Sc, Ti, Y, Zr, Tc, Ru, Hf and Re. The effect of relaxation on the computed surface energy values have been found to be of the order of 4 – 10% from Be to Re. The surface energies obtained are in good agreement with experiment and other theoretical values.

Keywords:hcp metals, AECT, Surface energy, (0001) surface