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23. MHD Stagnation Point Flow with Heat Transfer Over a Permeable Surface in the Presence of Heat Generation by Okedoye A. M., Areo A. O. and Asibor R. E. Volume27, (July, 2014), pp179 – 188
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This paper studied the steady laminar two – dimensional stagnation point flow of an incompressible viscous electrically conducting fluid at stagnation point with heat transfer. Uniform magnetic field is applied externally normal to the plane of the wall. Employing similarity transformations, the governing partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations. This were solved in non – dimensional state numerically using central differences for the derivatives and Thomas algorithm for the solution of the set of discretized equations in the infinite domain  . A finite domain in the η-direction was used instead with η chosen large enough to ensure that the solutions are not affected by imposing the asymptotic conditions at a finite distance. Numerical results for the dimensionless velocity profiles, the temperature profiles, the local friction coefficient and the local Nusselt number are presented for various parameters. These results are presented to illustrate the influence of the Hartmann number, suction parameter, heat absorption coefficient and, thermal and mass Grashof numbers. The effects of various emerging parameters are seen on the velocity and temperature fields. The values of the wall shear stress are also tabulated for different cases.

Keywords:Magnetohydrodynamic fluid, Thomas algorithm, Heat transfer; Boundary layer; Stagnation point,     Generative reactions.