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22. Effect of Variable Viscosity on MHD Flow Near a Stagnation Point in the Presence of Heat Generation/Absorption by Okedoye A. M. and Asibor R. E.Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 171 – 178
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The flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid on a continuous moving plate in presence of uniform transverse magnetic field placed in a calm environment is studied. The flat plate which is continuously moving in its own plane with a constant speed is considered to be isothermally heated. The fluid viscosity is taken as inverse linear function of temperature, the nature of fluid velocity and temperature in presence of uniform magnetic field and heat generation are shown for changing viscosity parameter at different layers of the medium. Numerical solutions are obtained by using Runge-Kutta and shooting method for the dimensionless velocity profiles and the temperature profiles. The coefficient of wall shear stress and the rate of heat transfer at the wall are calculated at different viscousity parameter. These results are presented to illustrate the influence of the Hartmann number, suction parameter, heat absorption coefficient and thermal Grashof number. The effects of various emerging parameters are seen on the velocity and temperature fields.

Keywords:Boundary layer, forced convection,fluid mechanics, isotropic, laminar convection,     Magnetohydrodynamic fluid, quiescent fluid, Thomas algorithm, viscosity