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21. Radiative Fluid Flow over a Vertical Porous Channel Under Optically Thick Approximation in the Presence of MHD. by M.O Ibrahim, K.K. Asogwa, I.J. Uwanta and A.O. Jos. Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 159 – 170
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Numerous non linear equations that come up in real life situations defy analytical solutions; hence numerical methods are desirable to obtain the solutions of such equations. In this study we use the Newton scheme method from Taylor series to solve fourth order non linear problem. A mathematical software MATLAB was used to solve the system of equations to obtain the unknown constants. The velocity profiles and temperature profile are studied for different physical parameters likeMagnetohydrodynamic M, Porous term P, Radiation F and thermal Grashof  number Ga.The results obtained after computation taking into cognizance the parameters present shows that the Magnetic andPorous parameters increases with increasing Velocity, while the trend reverses with radiation  and thermal Grashof  number  under optically thick approximation..

Keywords:MHD,Porous Media, Recurrence relation, vertical plate, radiation, flow rate.