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20. An Unsteady Viscous Flow model for Sub-retinal Fluid Drainage by J.N. Ndam and E.J.D. Garba. Volume27, (July, 2014), pp 149 – 158
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We develop an unsteady two-dimensional viscous flow model for sub-retinal fluid drainage. The sub-retinal fluid and the vitreous are modelled as two distinct viscous fluids with a defined interface. An initial disturbance to the interface due to a sink located above it is imposed. Asymptotic solutions in time up to were obtained. The results indicate a rise in the interface due to suction from the drainage needle, leading to the compression of the sub-retinal space. The implication of this scenario is that the sub-retinal fluid can be completely drained by moving the drainage needle progressively closer to the retinal tear.

    Key words: Sub-retinal fluid, retinal detachment, sink, unsteady viscous flow.