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14. Mathematical Modeling of Category-1 TB in OndoState, Nigeria by R. I. Okuonghae, S. O. Ogunleye and V. A. Olanubi. Volume 27,(July 2014), pp 109 – 118
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A model for the control of category-1 tuberculosis in Ondo State, Nigeria, is for- mulated and analyzed. The values of the reproduction number of the category-1 TB of the models are observed to be greater than one which shows that the disease exist. The results of the simulated data collected from Federal Ministry of Health in Ondo state shows that infection are high but this can only be eliminated from the population if effective treatments are given to the infected category-1 TB patients in Ondo State.

Keywords:Mathematical model, Tuberculosis (TB), Steady state, Disease free equilibrium state and Reproduction     number.