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12. Flexural Motions under a Traversing Partially Distributed Load of a Uniform Rayleigh Beam h General Boundary Conditions by E. Ayankop, S.T.Oni and O.K Ogunbamike. Volume 27,(July 2014), pp 85 – 100
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The dynamic analysis of a uniform Rayleigh beam resting on Winkler-type foundation and under uniform distributed moving masses is investigated in this paper. A procedure involving the generalized integral transformation with beam function as kernel, the use of properties of Heaviside function to express it in series form and a modification of the Struble’s asymptotic technique was used to obtain an analytical solution valid for all variants of classical boundary conditions to the dynamical problem. The analytical solution and numerical analysis show that the critical speed for the moving distributed mass problem is reached earlier than that of the moving distributed force problem for both illustration examples considered. The results further show that an upward variations of rotatory inertia correction factor and foundation stiffness decrease the response amplitudes of the uniform Rayleigh beam whether the beam is traversed by moving distributed force or moving distributed mass.