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48. Machine Interference Problem: A Taxonomy and Critical Review by S.A. Ojobor and S.E. Omosigho. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 357 – 368.
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Machine interference problem has received attention in the literature because of its diverse industrial applications and articles on the subject are scattered in disparate journals. Hence in this paper, a critical review of the current trend in the research on machine interference problem is presented. An extensive search on academic data bases is the source of the articles considered in this review. Articles considered for this review are restricted to works published since 2005 but few articles published in 2004 are also included. A taxonomy of articles on the machine interference problem is provided based on modifications of the simple machine interference problem. Research issues and challenges on the machine interference problems are identified.  Majority of the papers reviewed concentrate on the determination of steady state measures of performance for the machine interference problem. Cost analysis is included in many papers and direct search method is the main approach for finding optimal solution to the cost optimization problem.

Keywords: machine interference, machine interference problem, machine repair, machine repairman, server vacation, transient analysis, vacation model, standby, additional repairman, repairable system, multiple vacations