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46. Formal Representation of an Inventory system by Obi J.C.and Amadin F.I. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 338 – 343.
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An inventory system is an essential phrase in most well-meaning organization. Manual inventory processes and procedureshave for long been accepted in ascertaining stock quantities but the cumbersome nature with such approaches is time-consuming. Formal representation of an inventory system, utilizing Zed notation, fuzzy logic linguistic representation and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for design has been carried-out through this research paper; thereby reducing uncertainties associated with inventory system variables and portray a more objective approach. The system implementation was handled utilizing Microsoft Windows NT (MWNT) operating system as platform, Structured Query Language (SQL) server database as backend engine, Visual BASIC (VB) as frontend engine and Visual PROLOG (VP) for expert language representation. The result was satisfactory having been able to automate the manual processes and procedures and achieving reduced time optimization..

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, formal Specification, UML.