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6. One Step Predictor Corrector Method for the Solution of Stiff by M. O. Ibrahim, A. A. Momoh, I. J. Uwanta, A. U. Jos. Volume 27, (July 2014), pp37 – 44
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In this paper attention is directed towards the construction of one step, three hybrid points constant predictor corrector method for the solution of stiff  We adopted the method of collocation and interpolation of power series and exponential function approximate solution to generate continuous linear multistep method which was evaluated at some selected grid points to give discrete linear multistep method. The method was implemented using a constant order predictor of order five over an overlapping interval. The basic properties of the derived corrector was investigated and found to be zero stable, consistent and convergent. The method was tested on some numerical examples and found to compare favourably with the existing methods.

Keywords: Interpolation, collocation, grid points, consistent, zero stable, convergent, block method, stiff, corrector. 2010 AMS Subject Classification: 65L05, 65L06, 65D30