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38. Automated Geophysical Field CalculatorForSchlumgerger Electrode System (Sescal v1.2) by Isiwele D.O, Akonjom N.A,Azi S.O. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 289 – 293.
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The aim of this paper is to establish a simple, quick and yet consistent and reliable approach for solving the geometric factor (k) and the Apparent Resisitivity (ρa) based on the various electrode configurations for geophysical field survey available using the various measured quantities of the current electrode and potential electrode spacing respectively.

The computer program is a simple development based on scripting. Swish script is the major driver along side the hyper text messaging language (html) developed and housed in flash-java containers.

Its main features are the potential electrode spacing, current electrode spacing, the instant resistance reading (V/I) (this is usually the reading from the measuring device, usually a terrameter), the Geometric factor and the Apparent Resisitivity (ρa). The ability to modify the basic quantities like current electrode spacing, the potential electrode spacing and the V/I to suit individual field practice makes a unique program / software. 

On execution of the program, it was found that both the geometric factor (k) and the apparent resistivity ( ) values are automatically displayed once the respective field data were input accordingly and the execute button clicked.  It was tested for values of L = 1.0, 1.47 …… 100 and l = 0.5  ….. 500.

Keywords: Apparent Resisitivity (ρa), Geometric factor (k), potential electrode spacing (l), current electrode spacing (L) flash content, hyper text messaging language and java environment