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36. Compressional wave propagation and deformation in rocks by Agha S.O. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 273 – 276.
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The behaviour of compressional body waves as they propagate within the earth's interior has been studied. The constant of elastic deformation investigated was the Young's modulus(E). The study was done using a 3-channel signal enhancement seismograph, compressional (P) wave sources, detectors and other accessories involved in seismic refraction surveying. The study area is Afikpo (latitude 5052'-5057'N; longitude 7052'-7058'E) in south-eastern Nigeria. The survey was carried out in three locations within the study area. The result shows that the average speed of propagation of the compressional waves in Afikpo for the first two layers from the surface were 290m/s and 700m/s accordingly giving mean values of Young's modulus as 0.33 x109N/m2  and 1.90 x109N/m2  for the first and second layers respectively. The result indicates that the deformation of rocks in the upper(first) layer is greater than that in the lower(second) layer.

Keywords:Compressional, seismic, propagation, Young’s modulus.