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34. Variation of lumbar spine’s centre of mass with changing posture of the lumbar spine by M.Y. Mafuyai, B. G. Babangida, E.S. Mador, D.D. Bakwa4and Y.Y. Jabil. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 257 – 266.
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The lumbar spine is known to be the weight bearing section of the spine. The structures of the vertebrae are such as to allow the shape of the lumbar spine vary from one posture to another. The impact of the variation of the centre of mass and its implication on the stress experienced in different posture of the lumbar spine is the main thrust of this work. The result of this work shows that the centre of mass moves to the right of the original position when the lumbar spine bends backward with the vertical coordinate moved upward and the horizontal coordinate moved eastward while the reverse is the case when bending forward. Also, a quantity called virtual weight has been identified to be responsible for the seemingly increasing stress experienced during backward bending posture and the loss of weight or reduction in stress experienced during forward bending posture.

Keywords:Lumbar spine, Vertebra,Action parameter, posture, centre of mass, moment arm, weight and stress