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33. The simulation of a two dimensional Fokker Planck equation for an energetic alpha particle beam in a plasma using the Fokker Planck Package (FPPAC 81) by Nura A.M. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 251 – 256.
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The two dimensional Fokker Planck equation is used to describe the time evolution of energetic beam of ions under the effect of dynamical friction and diffusion in velocity space, in a background plasma. The equation is simulated using the Fokker Planck package (FPPAC 81) to obtain the slowing down distribution function for energetic alpha particles which are produced continuously during deuterium-tritium fusion. Comparison was made with an analytical slowing down distribution function which ignores diffusion in pitch angle space. The slowing down of the alpha particle energy with time was also computed and a comparison was made to that of a 180 keV deuterium beam in a 5 keV plasma from literature.

Keywords:Dynamical Friction, Diffusion, Distribution function, Critical Velocity, Injection Current, Reaction Rate