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32. Design criteria for a domestic solar powered sub-surface water pumping system in Benin City metropolis by A. I. Obanor, C. C. Kwasi-Effah. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 246 – 250.
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Renewable energy from the sun is an abundant and ubiquitous resource which has zero or low global warming potential. Only a small fraction of this available energy is sufficient for global energy demand. However, due to high cost in design, this energy has not been largely harnessed in different parts of the world. Perhaps reducing the components necessary to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity will go a long way in reducing the total system cost for a solar powered design. This paper provides simple procedures for the design of a domestic solar-powered sub-surface water pumping system. The design has been able to do away with components like batteries and inverters thus making the system design less expensive to fabricate. The design was suited for a typical home located in Benin City. However, the design criteria can be extended for other geographical areas of choice. This design shows that connecting an array of 250W and 120W Solar PV panels in series and with a total dynamic head of 49.34m (161.877ft), a flow rate of 0.397 liters/min can be maintained for a pump power rating of 290W..

Keywords: Renewable energy, solar power, pump, water, subsurface, pv panel, design, fabrication