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30. An appraisal of some models for estimating thermal properties of rammed earth used in adobe buildings in tropical environments by Ernest Emeagi Iheonu, ChimeziriChijioke Egege and Kingsley Emeka Ibe. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp227 – 234.
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Numerical models describing the concept of the adobe wall design for thermal comfort conditioning of buildings have been studied.  In the first of a two-string analyses, it is shown that the variations of the instantaneous attenuated temperature of the wall system as a function of phase lag is not well pronounced with a decrement rate of the order of 0.1% in relation to the solar-air temperature values.  In the second analysis, the variation of the internal surface temperature signature obeying an equation of the form:


appears to connote a better evaluating model for estimating thermal performance of the wall system, if the empirical constant is fixed at 2.2.