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29. A test of the efficacy of sporadic E layer ionization at the magnetic equatorial region by E. E. Iheonu and E. O. Somoye. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp220 – 226.
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Numerical models generated by solving equations of continuity for electron density have been used to study the variability of Esq horizontal winds at an African magnetic equatorial station, Ibadan – Nigeria. The behavioural trends of the composite results from the models tend to exhibit fluctuating solar flux dependence.  The mean annual Esq value during the period of high solar flux index seems to outperform the corresponding value for the period of low solar flux index, if the horizontal length scale is set at 200km. The results are compared with similar experiments carried out within the vicinity of the magnetic equator - in the process revealing salient insights into sporadic E-electromagnetic dynamics.